Series: Parables of Jesus

Introduction to the Parables of Jesus, Luke 4:23

Parable of the Rich Fool, Luke 12:16-21

The Parable of "Down is Up", Luke 14:1-11

The Searching Shepherd, Luke 15:1-10

The Searching Father, part 1, Luke 15:1-32

The Searching Father, part 2, Luke 15:1-32

Two Prayer Parables, Luke 18:1-14

The Unworthy Servant, Luke 17:1-10

The Rich Man and Lazarus, part 1, Luke 16:19-31

The Rich Man and Lazarus, part 2, Luke 16:19-31

The Good Shepherd, part 1, John 10

The Good Shepherd, part 2, John 10

The Shrewd Manager, part 1, Luke 16:1-10

The Shrewd Manager, part 2, Luke 16:1-10

Grace Giving, II Corinthians 8

Count Before You Commit, Luke 15:25-35

The Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-27

Identifying the Pharisees, Matthew 23:13-36

Seed & Sower: The Introduction

Seed & Sower: The Story

Seed & Sower: The Interpretation

An Old Patch Won't Match, Mark 2:19-22

Blind Leading the Blind

Equal Pay for Unequal Work, Matthew 20:14-15

Asking, Seeking, and Knocking, Luke 11:5-13