Series: New Testament Overview

Matthew: Jesus Is King
Mark: Jesus Is Servant
Luke: Jesus Is Man
John: Jesus Is God
Acts: The Great Transition
Romans: Salvation Explained
I Corinthians: Chaos of Carnality
II Corinthians: A Look at the Heart of Paul
Galatians: The Believer's Magna Carta
Ephesians: Doctrine of the Church
Philippians: An Inspired Thank You Note
Colossians: The Sufficiency of Christ
I Thessalonians: Awaiting His Return
II Thessalonians: The Man of Sin
Pastoral Epistles: "Charge to Sound Doctrine"
I Timothy: Maintaining Sound Doctrine
Philemon: The Runaway Slave
Hebrews: Glories of the Son
James: A Book of Wisdom
I Peter: The Suffering of the Diaspora
II Peter and Jude: Books of Reminder
Jude: The Battle for the Faith