Chester McCalley Sermons on Messiah

The Messiah, part 1

The Messiah, part 2

The Messiah, part 3

Matthew: The Book of Messiah-King

Mark: The Book of the Messiah-Servant

Luke: The Messiah is a Man

John: The Messiah Is God

Bedrock Christianity: The Predicted Messiah and His Empty Tomb

The Suffering of the Messiah 8:31-33

Mark 8:31-33
Series: Mark

Is Jesus the Messiah? 7:18-35

Luke 7:18-35
Series: Luke

The Prophesied Messiah 3:16-26

Acts 3:16-26
Series: Acts

The Salvation of the Messiah 13:32-41

Acts 13:32-41
Series: Acts